Key dates

1950 – 1970
The first workshop starts up for production of conductors. A newly built workshop starts operation for production of flexible cables with rubber insulation. A new workshop is started for low voltage cables with PVC insulation.

1975 – 1886
New workshop is opened for production of telecommunication cables after a project of De Angeli Company Italy. Production of power cables with cross-linked polyethylene insulation starts in accordance with the license and equipment bought from Sumitomo Electric Japan including:
     - Two CCV lines for cross linking in inert nitrogen environment
     - Laboratory equipment for entrance and exit quality control
     - Know-how for production of cables

Elkabel is the first Bulgarian company certified by ISO 9002 and in 2000 recertified by Bureau Veritas Quality International according the requirements of ISO 9001-2000.

Elkabel is the first Bulgarian company privatized through the Bulgarian Stock Market.

In June that year the shares of the company were bought from Shipka Consortium, who is now the major shareholder. The management is carried out on two levels: Supervisory Board and Board of Directors.