Elkabel works actively for protection of the environment in all aspects of its work, taking in consideration the National Environmental Policy which is reflected by the principles and directives of the EU and the connected activities.

1. Waste waters
Elkabel keeps a stable trend of low pollution of the waste waters.
2. Air
The company does not generate polluted air emissions. In the beginning of 2007 finished the gasification of the factory area and Elkabel now uses natural gas for heating.
3. Chemical substances
Elkabel uses chemical substances for its production and works actively according the EU regulation REACH. The company DOES NOT classify as a plant with risk potential in sense of par.103 from Law for protection of the environment for prevention from big averages with dangerous substances and limitation of their consequences to human life and health and the environment.
4. Waste
Elkabel has Permission No. 02-DO-178-00 from 06.08.2007 issued by the Regional Institution for Environment and Waters for activities with waste in accordance with Law for waste control. The plan has a contract with ECOPAK Bulgaria – Organization for utilization of waste and packing.
5. Noise
The noise levels in and around the factory are measured regularly and DO NOT top the permitted values corresponding to Regulation 6/ 26.06.2006.