Company shops

ELKABEL JSC owns company stores in the following towns : Bourgas, Plovdiv and Sofia which have with machines and equipments for fast and quality service.

ELKABEL JSC`s team is non-stop trying to make the service better for its clients by:

- full and competent consultancy by choice and application of cables and conductors;

- actual product information for all electrical materials and goods in trade centers;

- modern stock bases with machines and equipments for fast and quality service of the clients;

- provides long-lived guarantee terms and maintaining of all goods in sale;

- service of the client with delivery to the place or to its stock. Receiving  of the goods from each of the 3 trade centers- Bourgas, Plovdiv and Sofia;

All you can find in our trade centers is:

- all types of cables and conductors;

- cable accessories;

- cable traces and corrugated pipes;

- electrical equipment;

- lighting and lighting materials;

- electrical installation materials;

- supporting materials;

- electrical boards and many others;

All manufactured cables and conductors are produced according to BDS-EN,BS and other international standarts. All goods are followed by the necessary certificates for quality and conformity declarations.