Who are we

Elkabel JSC, based in Bourgas, is the first Bulgarian company specialized in the production of cables and conductors. The plant is based on several small workshops for the production of electrical engineering. The company is pursuing the continuous development and expansion of the production range in order to cover growing market demands and the changing needs of different areas of the economy.

The company is located on a territory of 190,000 square meters with built infrastructure. It is located near the Port of Burgas, Bourgas Airport and Bourgas Free Zone, connection with E773 Bouras-Sofia.

  • Bourgas Airport 10 km.
  • Port Bourgas 5 km.
  • RU. Bourgas Station 4 km.
  • Burgas Free Zone 1 km.
  • Highway A1 Burgas-Sofia 5 km.

Bourgas Airport

Port Bourgas

RU. Bourgas Station

Burgas Free Zone

Highway A1 Burgas-Sofia

Elkabel base

Our history

The history of the cable factory in Bourgas began in 1947, when the foundations of today\'s joint-stock company were laid on the basis of several small workshops for electrotechnical production.

Elkabel around the world

Elkabel is a well-known and respected partner not only in Bulgaria but also in the international market. Our production is exported to Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Great Britain, Israel, Albania, Hungary, Macedonia, Armenia and others.

Great Britain

Our main facts

Company Store Sofia

+359 888 619 649


Sofia bul. "Evropa" № 544 B

Company store Burgas

+359 56 879282


8000 Burgas, 15 Odrin Str

Company store Plovdiv

+359 32 210 176


4000 Plovdiv, 9 Kuklensko shose Blvd.

Company Store Veliko Tarnovo

+359 886 220 221


Veliko Tarnovo, 73 Nikola Gabrovski Str