We at Elcabel firmly believe that quality accent is a leading competitive advantage that distinguishes us from everyone else. Responsibility, professionalism and respect are our pillars, thanks to which Elcabel has been a preferred partner for more than 75 years.

EMS - Environmental Management System

A environmental management system is implemented in Elkabel in accordance with ISO 14001. We have a responsible attitude to nature and we are actively working to protect the environment in all aspects of our business. We comply with the national environmental policy, reflecting the principles of the EU Directives on the protection and improvement of the state of the environment and the protection of human health.
We strive to reduce the generation of waste by introducing modern, environmentally friendly technologies. We design our products in a way that minimizes the waste generated during the process, we use high-quality innovative materials, we work with reusable cable wrapping - wooden drums and pallets. We collect and treat the waste separately for its full utilization and realization.

We monitor the use of water as a valuable natural resource and keep the tendency of low levels of waste water pollution.
We monitor air emissions, including CFC and HCFC emissions from air conditioning systems, and the R22 replacement program. Thanks to our efforts Elkabel has no negative impact on the environment.

As a consumer of chemicals we comply with the requirements of the European REACH Regulation.