"TESTING LABORATORY is an independent structural unit of Elkabel JSC - Burgas.


is an independent structural unit of "Elkabel" JSC - Bourgas. It maintains accreditation from the Bulgarian Accreditation Service from 1970 until present. (see Accreditations).

The Testing Laboratory has a well-functioning management system and high-level documentation that is periodically evaluated by the accrediting body.

Testing laboratory has premises and modern Equipment, which provides the necessary conditions for conducting the tests within the scope of its activities. It is continuously updated according to the modern technical requirements. Calibrated in accredited laboratories with traceability to national and international standards. The laboratory serves "Elkabel" AD and external clients.

The main directions in the work of the Testing Laboratory are:

Input control of materials for the production of cables and wires;

Operational control of the production of cables and conductors;

Qualification of finished products;

Typical cable and conductor tests (Services);

Conducting long-term tests of medium voltage power cables with polyethylene crosslinked insulation.

TESTING LABORATORY performs all activities in strict compliance with the confidentiality of the information concerning its clients. The access of outsiders is regulated. The TESTING LABORATORY\'s manual and its collaborators comply with the principles set out in the management system, implement and maintain the requirements of BDS EN ISO / IEC 17025 in their daily testing.