For us, it is important to feel good at your workplace, and to do this you need to answer the question: What is important to me?


Our sales department offers:

Excellent working conditions in a dynamic and evolving motivated team of professionals

Workplace in a department / business site or work on the move

Meetings and communication with interesting people

Motivating remuneration, with clear bonuses, individual contributions and team results

If you have proactive thinking and are ready to meet everyday challenges with a smile, this is your place


work in our manufacturing sector offers:

a highly skilled team in a dynamically developing industrial environment

ability to work in a team or on a self-employed basis

Professional Development

8-hour shift day

Development activity

working in the R & D department is for you if:

You like to design and solve complex cases, you are interested in technological processes

entails developing and deploying new products in mass production as well as new production methods and technologies and want to see your innovative idea implemented and in action here we give you the opportunity to showcase your potential

Technical Support

If you want to be part of our technical support we provide:

dynamic team of professionals to solve technical issues and troubleshoot technical issues

to perform effective control and monitoring of computer systems

working with technical documentation, opportunity for improvement and professional development

8-hour working day / shift work


The work environment in the Accredited Testing Laboratory offers:

working in a prestigious accredited laboratory

dynamic working environment

working in a team of technically competent staff with proven theoretical and practical knowledge

work with measuring instruments, equipment and equipment, implementation of standard tests and standards

5-day work week, 8-hour workday, daily shift

Administrative activities

In our various departments and departments, we offer you:

Professional development in a stable environment, with a team of professionals with the ability to constantly learn and acquire new skills, knowledge and competencies

Continuous contact with people at different levels in the company hierarchy, contact with customers and suppliers

Interested in implementing the administrative and financial management of programs and projects; or from current accounting processing of documents and preparation of financial statements; or from modern and sustainable staff management, incentive and motivation programs and tools, career planning and development; or to discover attractive investment opportunities, assess risk, create investment strategies; or from the processes of delivery of goods and materials, etc.

5-day work week, 8-hour workday, daily shift

Human Resources Department

8000 Burgas 15 Odrin Str

+359 56 813 182

+359 56 813 663


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