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Our Certificates

Standart: IEC 60 502-2

Description: Cu or Al cores • XLPE insulation • Cu screen • PVC sheath • Armour Al wires • PVC sheath flame retardant


The single-core cables with insulation of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) are designed for transfer and distribution of electrical power with nominal voltage Uo/U 6/10 kV and frequency 49 Hz to 61 Hz in urban and district electrical networks and for electrical supply of transformer’s substations, small and medium industrial plants. The cables are manufactured with sheaths of flame retardant materials. They are suitable for use in distribution installations, electric power stations and industrial systems. The cables are for fixed assembly in lines with unlimited difference levels, indoor installations, in cable ducts, conduits and shafts, over shelves and grills directly underground in ditch and outdoor shelter.




Cable construction

Technical data

Construction According to  IEC 60502-2 Conductor resistance at 20° C According to IEC 60228 class 2
Conductor Сu and Al stranded compacted wiresto IEC 60228 cl.2 Operating temperature 90° C continuous operation
Short circuit temperature 250° C ( 5 sec. max.)
Inner semi- conductive layer semi-conductive XLPE compound Overload temperature 130° C /100h per year max./
Insulation XLPE compound
Outer semi- conductive layer semi-conductive XLPE compound and semi-conductive tape Nominal voltage Uo/U 6/10 kV
Highest system voltage Uo/U, no more than 12 kV
Test voltage
AC (») - 15 min
6/10 kV
21 kV
67 kV   
Metal screen -I option - Cu tapes
laid with overlap over each phase
-II option - Cu wires laid concentrically
Bending radius 15 x Dcable
Bending radius adjacent to joints or terminations, min 12x D cable
Separating layer PVC compound - flame retardant Temperature of laying no less than -5° C
Armour Аl wires laid concentrically Level of partial discharge at 2*Uo max. 5 pC
Sheath PVC compound – flame retardant Ambient temperatures -30° C to 50° C
Color black or red Tests
-flame retardant
IEC 60332-3 Kat B(3.5l/m)and C(1.5l/m)