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Standart: NBN C 33-121

Description: Cu conductors • PVC insulation • Armour/screen-st.tapes • PVC sheath


Three-core cables with insulation of polyvinylchloride (PVC) – armored type are designed for transfer and distribution of electrical power networks with voltage of 1000 V. The sheath is flame retardant. The cables are for fixed assembly in lines with unlimited difference levels, for underground, in cable ducts, conduits, shafts, trenches, pipes, shafts, over shelves and grills directly underground in ditch.




Cable construction

Technical data

Construction According to NBN C 33-121 Conductor resistance at 20oC NBN C 33-121 (IEC 228) class 2
Conductor Сu stranded compacted circular and sector, according to NBN C 33-121 (IEC 60228 class 2) Operating temperature 90° C continuous operation
Insulation PVC compound Overload temperature 160° C /5 s max./
Inner sheath polymer material Nominal voltage Uo/U 0.6/1kV
Highest system voltage Uo/U, no more than 1100 V
Armour-screen two steel tapes, underneath the tapes are laid Cu wires for improving conductivity Test voltage
AC (») - 20 min
Between cores and between core and screen (armor)- 13kV
Sheath PVC compound, flame retardant Bending radius 15 x Dcable
Color black Temperature of laying no less than 0° C
Color of insulated conductors 2-cores: black; blue
3-cores: black; blue; brown or yellow/green; black; blue
4-cores: black; blue; brown; black; yellow/green; black; blue; brown;
Neutral core – blue;
protective core ( G ) -yellow/green
Temperature of exploitation -15° C to 70° C
Flame retardant According to NBN C 30-004 Category F2