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Our Certificates

Standart: VDE 0276-603

Description: Cu conductors • PVC insulation • Cu concentric conductor • PVC sheath


These cables are designed for transfer and distribution of electrical power with nominal voltage U 0 / U 0 6/1 kV, frequency 50Hz and surroundings, which require non-proliferation of flames. NYCY-FR is used in power plants, industrial and switching installations, for street lighting, domestic power supply connections, in secondary distribution networks and other.These cables are preferentially used for underground application as well as for interior installation in room and cableducts and for outdoor and applications, for indoor installations, where greater mechanical protection an protection against accidental contact is required if damaged. Note Other core configuration and special constructions manufactured upon request.


Color coding:


Single core Doube core 3 – core 4 - core
black blue and brown brown, black, grey blue, brown, black, grey




Cable construction

Technical data

Construction According to VDE 0276 part 603 Conductor resistance at 20° C According to VDE 0295
class 1 or 2 (IEC 60228)
Conductor solid or multi-strand Cu wires class 1 or 2 acc. VDE 0295 (IEC 60228) Max. conductor temperature +70° C
Insulation PVC flame retardant, degree of flame retardancy Max. short circuit temperature +160° C, not more than 5 sec
Core identification according to VDE 0293 Rated voltage Uo/U 0.6/1 kV

Inner sheath

Concentric conductor


tapes and filling compound

of plain round copper wires and one or two transverse counter helix of copper tapes

Test voltage AC – 4 kV     50 Hz
Sheath PVC flame retardant, degree of flame retardancy Bending radius
-single core
-multi core

15 cable diameter
12 cable diameter
Color black Flame retardancy BDS IEC 332-3
Category A