These general terms and conditions of sale are valid for each offer or sale concluded by Seller / ELKABEL JSC / on Bulgarian territory or with a Buyer registered in Bulgaria, unless otherwise stated in the written offer. General terms and conditions of sale may be provided at the request of the BUYER. Each order from the BUYER means that he has become familiar with and accepts these "General Terms and Conditions of Sale"


2.1 The SELLER has submitted a bid, the prices and conditions of this offer being exclusively for the goods specified by quality and quantity in it and, unless otherwise stated, remain valid for one month from the date of the offer by the SELLER.

2.2 The contract of sale is valid only if the SELLER has a written order or a valid offer signed by the SELLER. The date of registration of the order is the date of validation of the SELLER bank account in case of advance payment, unless otherwise stated in the offer or no other framework contractual relationship.


3.1 The prices are exw for the SELLER and do not include VAT, unless otherwise agreed in the offer.

3.2 In the case of a paid deposit or advance and the BUYER refuses to accept and pay the entire merchandise for a given order in due time, the SELLER has the right to withhold the deposit and cancel the order.

3.3 The prices quoted in the offer refer to the standard packaging of the manufacturer\'s plant. Any request for packaging other than this will be subject to further negotiation.


4.1 The SELLER informs the BUYER about the presence of the goods in stock of the SELLER and within 30 days the BUYER has the obligation to take the goods subject to the delivery. Upon expiry of this period, the SELLER has the right to charge a store for the period from the expiration of the 30th day to the date of delivery of the goods by the BUYER.

4.2 In the event that the BUYER does not take the necessary steps to receive the goods within 60 (sixty) days from the Seller\'s warehouse notification, Seller has the right to withhold the deposit and invoice a store for the period.

4.3 Any claim relating to quantity and product range must be made in writing to the Seller no later than 3 / three / business days after the date of receipt of the goods. The merchandise can not be returned to the Seller without its express consent.


5.1 The delivery terms are quoted in the offer and are EXCLUSIVE to the SELLER, unless otherwise agreed.

5.2 Delivery times start running after the bank account has been validated to receive the prepayment, unless otherwise agreed in the offer or no other framework contract.

5.3 The seller is not responsible for delivery times in force majeure such as: strike, war, embargo, fire, flood, earthquakes, natural cataclysms, other unforeseen or unavoidable extraordinary events occurring after the conclusion of the contract on the territory of the contract or on the territory of the SELLER or its suppliers.


6.1 The seller retains ownership of the item until its full payment, including in the case of interest and penalties due.

6.2 The buyer assumes the risk of losing, stealing or damaging the production at his own expense, as well as the liability for damages that may be caused to him from the date of delivery, after signing the invoice or the receipt slip.


7.1 Damage complaints concerning differences in the type of goods ordered and delivered, lack of boxes, boxes, drums and / or others. are made at the moment of acceptance of the goods and entered in the acceptance and delivery protocol by the representatives of the two parties, which is a reason for replacing or supplementing the wrongly delivered by type of goods with new ones.

7.2 Claims related to an established and claimed difference in cable lengths beyond the standard error of +/- 1% are respected on the basis of a statement of findings made up of representatives of the SELLER and the BUYER. Claims under this item are not recognized and respected in the event that the supplied cables are cut, cut, and missing a factory mark.

7.3 Claims for hidden defects of the goods, which were established at a later date and due to their nature could not be established in the ordinary examination of the goods, shall be respected following the drawing up of a statement of findings with the participation of representatives of the SELLER. No undue deficiencies in the goods are caused as a result of improper storage, transportation, transportation or consequential damage after it has been duly accepted. Claims for hidden defects may be lodged within two months of the date of delivery.

7.4 The SELLER shall submit to the BUYER all quality certificates issued by the manufacturer. The warranty period for the delivered goods is within the warranty period of the manufacturer.


8.1 Goods are sold to the Buyer in a form that preserves their origin and quality.

8.2 The Agreement does not confer any trademark rights and the like of the Buyer. They are the exclusive property of the Seller.

8.3 Any additional rights are surrendered by an additional agreement between the parties.

8.4 For violations relating to the use of the trademark, patent, design, and other proprietary rights of the Seller made in the Buyer\'s territory, the Seller shall immediately inform the Seller thereof.

8.5 In the event of a legal procedure against the abovementioned breaches committed by the Seller, the Buyer must take part upon request from the Seller.


Any dispute that can not be resolved by mutual agreement will be examined and resolved by the competent Bulgarian state court. In case of contradiction between the English and Bulgarian texts, the text in Bulgarian is a priority.